Continuing Education Requirements (USA Only)

In an effort to elevate the standards of tennis teaching  professionals and coaches in the United States, PTR and USPTA agreed to Continuing Education Requirements. Both organizations require their certified members to earn a minimum of 15 Continuing Education Hours every 3 years.

If you have not met your requirement yet, use this form to submit any education you have done in the past 3 years. 

If you need more hours, please log on to and view some of the free videos. Just complete the question at the end of the video presentation or course, you will automatically get credit.

List of Approved Activities for Continuing Education Requirement

Click here for a detailed list of activities with hours

Continuing Education Award Levels - click here

Submitting Hours for Continuing Education Requirement

All continuing education hours earned through PTR activities will be added automatically to your member profile. You do not need to submit documentation for any PTR specific activity.

All continuing education hours that are NOT earned through PTR activities, but are applicable to your job, must be submitted. Please supply scans or copies of all supporting documents to verify completion. No materials will be returned.

Any one of the following educational events will fulfill the Continuing Education Requirement. (partial list)

  • PTR Education Dashboard (digital learning at
  • PTR Level I Workshop
  • PTR Level II Workshop
  • PTR Master of Tennis Program
  • PTR Symposium 
  • PTR Director of Tennis Conference
  • ITF Worldwide Coaches Workshop
  • ATP/WTA Pro Course
  • USTA Coach Youth Tennis
  • WTCA Conference
  • USTA Tennis Development Workshop
  • Evolve 9 Revolution Conference
  • IHRSA Conference
  • ITA Coaches Convention
  • ITPA Tennis Performance Trainer
  • TIA Owners & Managers Conference
  • USPTA Section Conference
  • USPTA World Conference 
  • Van der Meer TennisUniversity
If your submitted activities are not acceptable, you will be notified by email. You will be given an opportunity to reapply.

Click here for a detailed list of activities with hours

Continuing Education Requirement Facts

(USA Certified Members)
  • Continuing Education Requirement became effective January 1, 2014
  • Members must accumulate a minimum of 15 Continuing Education hours every three years
  • MAP hours used for the Continuing Education requirement expire at the end of each three year period
  • Members will receive a notice one year prior to requirement deadline if they have not reached the required hours
  • Members will receive a notice when they reach each 15 hour requirement
  • Current Continuing Education hours and current requirement deadlines will appear on member’s online profile
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