Making Tennis Available to Everyone

Categories of Giving and Receiving

The following categories have been developed to assist you when applying for a grant through the PTR Foundation. PTRF provides grants to deserving individuals and organizations both in the US and Internationally and encourages everyone to apply.

Special Population / Adaptive Tennis Grants:
These initiatives should touch the rehabilitative benefits of the game and people that are using tennis for such purposes – this would include but is not limited to Special Olympics, Wheelchair Tennis, Stroke Rehabilitation, etc.

Grants/Scholarships for At-risk or Needy Youth:
PTRF encourages organizations that have a strong, demonstrable reputation for providing services to at-risk, needy or under-served youth to apply for grant or scholarship support. The Foundation strongly encourages applicants to consider identifying and partnering with other stakeholders and organizations. Such partners might be local School Districts, Boys and Girls Clubs, and Recreation Departments.

Educational Grants:

1. The Coach Verdieck Educational Excellence Grant will be given annually to bring exceptional speakers to the PTR International Tennis Symposium and/or Section or District Conferences to help aid in the education of our constituents.
2. To further advance the cause of the PTRF, foundation funds can be requested to underwrite the cost of publication and distribution of continuing education materials such as the Bruce Elliott manual, etc. Such materials can not be used for purposes of generating profit.

Nehemiah Atkinson Humanitarian Grant:
This grant emphasizes the high value that PTRF places on giving and service to others. This grant is usually given to an individual who has demonstrated a remarkable commitment to improving the lives of others. This award will be given out at the annual Awards Banquet during the PTR International Symposium. Additional humanitarian grants may be considered as well.

Grants to Enhance Global Goodwill:
Grants to enhance goodwill will include new facility development and or re-development, as well as refurbishment and improvements at existing facilities both in the United States and Internationally with a particular focus on underrepresented and/or devastated areas.