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International Master Professionals – Preparing for the Symposium

International Master Professionals gave the PTR Foundation a tremendous start in 2023 by generously and thoughtfully donating to the foundation. They are not just master professionals on court, they are also ‘master’ donors and supporters of the foundation. IMPs donated over $12,000 and they deserve a huge drum roll.

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Fun Time and Work at the Symposium

Our traditional East Coast symposium was fun and productive. It was wonderful to catch up with our long-time donors and friends like Ron Manilla and meet new members. The awards banquet night was entertaining. The food was tasteful and the speeches were heartfelt. Dr. Loehr, through a video message, reminded the members about Dennis’s vision, the importance of giving and the foundation’s mission and focus.

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PTR Foundation Truly Made a Difference

Tennis industry women leaders supported the PTR Foundation by celebrating International women’s month. Idols like Billie Jean King, Emma Wells, Lucy Garvin, Pat Van Der Meer, Jean Mills, Tina Tharp, Delaine Mast, Lynne Rolley, Jolyn de Boer, Carol MacClennan, Paytin Snowball, Vania King, Anne Pankhurst, and Elizma Nortje provided women players and coaches with inspiring and motivating quotations.

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Have You Tried to Write a Poem About Tennis?

Well, we received a few cool poems written by our NextGen tennis players and Special Olympics athletes. We realized writing poems isn’t really tennis players’ favorite thing to do, so we want to ‘give a big round of applause’ to the players who found courage to express their emotions and write a poem about the fun and challenging sport of our life.…

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Drum Roll to Lancaster, PA High School Tennis Team!

Our International Master Pro, Delaine Mast and her JP McCaskey boys’ and girls’ high school tennis teams hosted a free tennis festival for NTM.  What a fantastic way to teach the high school kids to give back. Delaine, you’re an amazing coach and a role model!!

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Members, You’re Amazing!

Enthusiastic contributions are contagious and can inspire the people around you and the world to make a difference. Some of the US PTR members made a thoughtful donation to the PTR Foundation while renewing their membership. Together they have donated close to $1500. A BIG thank you to Helma Cap and PTR management for bringing back the functionality. We couldn’t do it without all of you!

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Hats off to our sponsors for their dedicated support!

The PTR Foundation explored a creative way to engage with the tennis community. For the first time, the Foundation conducted a July 4th silent auction on Instagram. The silent auction’s ‘purpose’ was to award two PTR Level 2 workshop / certification scholarships. Fifteen professionals participated in the event. Together, we raised $700.

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Congratulations!, Kendall Moody; We got your back, Maui Tennis Community!

We are pleased to share that the Southern Tennis Foundation 2023 recipient of the PTR Foundation/VDM scholarship is Kendall Moody from Columbus, Mississippi.  She is an NJTL student with Golden Triangle Tennis and will be attending Northwest Mississippi Community College in the fall. Kendall will receive $1,000 for the next four years provided she maintains a qualifying GPA.

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We’re covering it all… tennis, pickleball, and padel! At the PTR International Racquets Conference, you will find several days dedicated to tennis, pickleball, and padel to round out this total racquets conference! There will also be workshops available to become certified in various racquet sports- this is a great opportunity to become a dual impact member and elevate your coaching career!

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