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The resources, certifications, and connections you need for better coaching opportunities worldwide.


We are the standard for tennis instructor certification. When you become PTR certified, your credential instantly earns the trust and respect of clubs, schools, players, and recreational centers nationwide!


We provide you the support, continued education, and tools you need to continually advance your coaching career. Our member benefits include liability insurance, our resource library, discounts on equipment, exclusive workshops, and so much more!


It’s who you know. With a presence in 125 countries, and over 16,000 members, becoming a PTR member instantly connects you to a network of highly skilled coaches worldwide. Connections create opportunity, and with connections like this, your opportunities are endless!

About Us

We love tennis, and those who teach it. It is our mission to educate, certify, and serve coaches so that the sport we love can continue to grow and evolve. We want to make being a great coach easier. Whether it’s providing you the certifications that will get you taken seriously at clubs, schools, and academies, educating you on the latest coaching methods that will take your students’ game to the next level, or connecting you with like-minded coaches around the world, we are here to support you!
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Steps to Certification


Join PTR

When you become a member of PTR you get instant access to our resource library, support team, and more! You will have the opportunity to get a head start on studying course material as well as enjoy your exclusive member benefits.


Select Courses & Workshops

With our varying levels of certification, add-ons, and live workshops, you will have the opportunity to create the pathway that works best for you, and takes your coaching career exactly where you want to go!


Get Certified

Once you have studied and attended the workshops, it will be time to show what you know! You’ll take your assessments, get certified and unlock all the opportunities that come with being a PTR certified coach!

“As a coach, nothing beats the feeling of stepping on court confident in your knowledge of the game, and having the support and the resources to do your job well. You are already a good coach, we want to give you the opportunity to be a great one. Done right, coaching can take you anywhere you want to go. Let us help you get there!”

Dan Santorum


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PTR is coming back to New York City!

August 28-31

PTR is excited to be back in the City, providing coaches with quality coach education surrounding some of the best tennis in the world.

Each session is 3 hours in duration and includes a grounds pass for the US Open! 
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