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Director of Racquets/Engagement

DIRECTOR OF RACQUETS/ENGAGEMENT DIRECTOR – Green Island Country Club (GICC) Primary responsibility is to provide leadership and direction to all employees at the GICC Racquets Center. This position will be member focused as the “face” of racquets and programming. Main areas of focus will be directed toward quality and consistency of facilities and service. Financial responsibility includes budgeting, implementing and supervising profit and loss for all facets of the tennis operations including, but not limited to, operating budget and capital budget plans. Organize and direct all club tennis activities, events, exhibitions, tournaments and lessons. Job Tasks: Onboarding of new members into the racquets community Member engagement, growth and participation in programming Provides quality lessons and clinics for members and guests with most up-to-date techniques and strategies of the game of tennis. Member outreach- people centered. Encouraging participation through personal outreach, marketing & event PR in a timely manner Creates new concepts and programming. Stays abreast of trends in all racquet sports Staffing of racquet shop personnel, maintenance team and other racquets professionals Coordinating lesson calendar. Booking lessons, tracking wait list when needed Staying abreast of technology and club systems Maintaining shop inventory and cost of goods sold Submitting invoices in a timely fashion Submitting payroll & related payroll information on specified dates Attending committee and subcommittee meetings Develops a detailed calendar of events, in conjunction with the racquets committee with pre-determined publicity schedule. Coordinating the racquets calendar with other club professionals to avoid overlap or to enhance other departments through collaborative events Assures racquet stringing is done in a timely manner and charged to members accordingly Administers and enforces club policies and procedures in a fair and consistent manner Oversees maintenance of courts and racquets center & surrounding areas Proactively visible to members and guest both on and off the courts Hold team members accountable within their respective positions Oversees weekly communications to members and information submitted for the monthly newsletter Fosters a management style that encourages suggestions and opinions, open door policy, strong employee relations and excellent customer satisfactions skills Develop and training for all racquets personnel Develops and implements the budget for racquets department. Accountable for proactively maintaining the budgeted income and expenses Reports to: COO/General Manager Supervises: Racquets Professionals, shop and maintenance team members Salary Range: Base Salary Range $60,000-$65,000. Lesson income (estimated $25,000+ annually) 401(k) matching Dental insurance Flexible schedule Health insurance Life insurance Paid time off Professional development assistance Referral program Vision insurance

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Green Island Country Club







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$60,000-65,000 + lesson/clinic income



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Susan Schenkel

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US & International citizens may apply.

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