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PTR is also engaged in providing specialty courses such as Instructing Wheelchair Tennis, Instructing Adaptive Tennis and Miss Hits.

Specialty Courses for Continued Education

Miss-Hits Workshop

12pm EST – 3pm EST

Miss-Hits is a fun starter tennis program for girls age 5-8 designed by Judy Murray. It’s a 12 week program, split into two x 6week blocks. We have a special Miss-Hits equipment pack which includes everything you will need to deliver 12 weeks of activity. We use play equipment rather than tennis equipment, things like balloons, chiffon squares, hit mitts, frisbees and fluff balls.


Workshop Only: $77
Workshop & Miss-Hits Kit: $127

Online Doubles Coach Education Program with Simon Wheatley
Club Players to Performance

This course willprovide coaches with over 50 videos on how to improve your club members, mini tennis players, club juniors, performance & high performance players. Focusing on tactics, patterns and positioning of each role in doubles. All sessions are pre-recorded and released at the same time.

Webinar Topics:
1: Doubles tennis hitting warm ups for club to international level players
2: Servers tactics, patterns & positioning part 1
3: Servers tactics, patterns & positioning part 2
4: Servers partner: Territory, tactics & volley’s
5: Servers partner: Poaching
6: Servers partner & server at the net
7: Returning against serve & volley & serve & stay back
8: Returners partner tactics, patterns & positioning part 1
9: Returners partner tactics, patterns & positioning part 2
10: Core technical skills for doubles
11: Advanced tactics/conditioned point play ideas for doubles
12: Mini tennis doubles ideas



12-Week Performance Education Course with Simon Wheatley

This specialty course includes 12 pre-recorded, 90-minute sessions with 12 World-class speakers in Tour Coaching, Academy Development & Coach Education. Each session also includes a 20-minute bonus recorded webinar based on each of the coach’s sessions for additional coach education content. Speakers Include: Carl Maes Andrew Bettles Liam Smith Colin Beecher Oivind Sorvald Alastair Filmer Rob Morgan Simon Wheatley Simone Bertino Nicole Pratt Larry Jurovich Jacco Eltingh



Leader as a Coach with Emma Doyle

From everyday ‘corridor’ conversations to formal performance conversations, this 2-session Leader as Coach program gives real-world coaching skills (off the tennis court) that you can use straight away at your club to not only enhance your on-court coaching skills, but also to empower and coach your team. Coaching as conversations as the norm is the way of the future due to a higher level of productive conversations helping you get a (minimum) 36% increase in the performance of yourself and your team.

It’s perfect for leaders, managers and tennis coaches who want to expand their coaching toolkit. Delivered virtually using Zoom Video conferencing (2 X 3 hours sessions), it’s easier than ever to get the essential coaching skills you need to drive performance in your workplace.

“Everyone that leads a program, business, team etc…should take this course. You will learn new tools and ways to get more productivity out of your members, employees, staff, and team. It doesn’t matter who or what you are coaching, you will see a difference in their performance immediately. Do yourself a favor and invest in your future.” – Carla McKenzie


$219 for Members & Non-Members

Nick Bollettieri’s Tennis in a Can

Tennis in a Can is an eleven-week online program developed specifically for high school coaches. It features week by week lesson plan, videos and templates for challenge matches, drill, court diagrams and much more. Upload your teams results directly to UTR through the Tennis in a Can platform to better assist your players during the college recruiting process. From try-outs to play-offs, Tennis in a Can will give coaches the confidence they need to run and manage a successful high school season from the palm of their hand.


$39 for Members & Non-Members

Leadership Course

This course provides coaches the opportunity to explore key principles important to every successful leader. Throughout this course, multiple case studies bring to life examples of the techniques used to develop some of the most successful military leaders. Exploring real world scenarios and leadership research allow you to uncover you ability to unlock your teams best performance. This is a unique opportunity to learn skills and behaviors that will improve your coaching to guide the most successful teams daily.


$199 for Members & Non-Members


This course provides coaches the opportunity to explore theoretical principles affecting physical priorities through the ages and stages of development. Dean Hollingworth is your Coach Developer in this thought-provoking course designed to improve your awareness of factors that improve physical development when working with athletes of various ages and stages of their playing career. From the classroom to the court, coaches will be immersed in information to shape a greater awareness and confidence to support athletes’ individual physical needs.


$45 for Members & Non-Members

Tennis NLP

Welcome to the Tennis NLP course. Together PTR and Emma Doyle are excited to bring coaches the latest in NLP education and resources from one of the most energized coach educators in the world. Emma Doyle unleashes human performance for coaches and players through the ‘E’ factors, energy, empathy and enjoyment. As oxygen is to a tennis player, words are to the coach. Words inspire. Words build people. Words teach skills. But do we take them for granted, are clichés and habitual patterns holding us and our players back? In this course, we will open up your mind to a whole new world of possibilities helping to get yourself and your players ready to take your game to the next level.


$67 for Members & Non-Members

Get Ready for an

Unforgettable experience!


Social & Netowrking Events

Here is your opportunity to connect and network with like-minded professionals! Your PTR International Racquets Conference includes several exciting networking events like cocktail receptions, dinner parties, and an industry breakfast. These are always exciting events that allow our PTR family to get to know one another while enjoying a beautiful resort!

Join Us at the Incredible SaddleBrook Resort

We’re covering it all… tennis, pickleball, and padel! At the PTR International Racquets Conference, you will find several days dedicated to tennis, pickleball, and padel to round out this total racquets conference! There will also be workshops available to become certified in various racquet sports- this is a great opportunity to become a dual impact member and elevate your coaching career!

Join Us at the Incredible SaddleBrook Resort

Nestled in the beautiful Tampa Bay area, this legendary resort is not only a premier vacation destination, it’s also one of the world’s most preeminent athletic training facilities. Don’t forget to explore the nearby world-famous beaches for an unforgettable coastal experience!

Enjoy an incredible resort minutes from the Gulf of Mexico while gaining career-changing insights in the world of coaching!