Our Mission

We love tennis, and those who teach it. It is our mission to educate, certify, and serve tennis coaches so that the sport we love can continue to grow and evolve.

We make being a great coach easier.

Certifications that will get you taken seriously at clubs, schools, and academies.

Education on the latest coaching methods so you can be confident that you are offering your students the very best.

Connection opportunities with like-minded coaches around the world.

As a PTR member, you will have everything you need to maximize your coaching career.

– An extensive resource library
– Access to affordable liability insurance
– In-person and online workshops
– Internationally recognized certifications
– Equipment discounts
– Access to our member support team
– And so much more!

We provide the benefits and support you need.

Who We Are

PTR has always been about breaking barriers and globally growing the game of tennis. PTR was founded in 1976 when world-renowned coach Dennis Van der Meer saw that the sport was being held back by a lack of connection, a need for a universal teaching language, and a clear coaching progression. online pokies real money NZ

Our goal is to not only continue to grow our membership base, but to continue to create and expand the opportunities available to our members. As part of our dedication to growing and expanding the boundaries of the game, we host numerous events including the:

– International Tennis Symposium
– International Tennis Championships
– International Tennis Trade Show
– PTR $18,000 Wheelchair Championships
– Special Olympics National Championships

Let’s grow the game together

Additionally, we provide financial assistance for those in need who are looking to become certified through the PTR foundation. The only boundaries in tennis should be the lines, and nothing else.

When you become a certified PTR member, you unlock endless global opportunities within the game of tennis and become a part of a family that is here to help, and grow with you.

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