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The PTR Certified Coach creates an environment that fosters positive tennis experiences, provides opportunities for relative success, and develops a lifetime love for the game.​

Level 1

32 Hours of Education
  • Part-Time Coaches
  • Young Professionals
  • College Players
  • For coaches working under a program director
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Specialized Certifications

  • Adaptive Tennis Workshop
  • Wheelchair Tennis Workshop

Level 2

Launching Fall 2021
  • More info coming soon!

Level 3

Launching Spring 2022
  • More info coming soon!

Level 4

Launching Soon!
  • More info coming soon!

The Pathway to Becoming a
Level 1 Certified Coach

Virtual or Face-to-Face workshops available

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will be sent to you upon

registering for Level 1

Virtual or Face-to-Face

Virtual Workshop - Sends in video

Face-to-Face - Completed on court

Completed online

Virtual Workshop - Sends in video

Face-to-Face - Completed on court

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By the end of this course Level 1 Coaches will be able to:

  • Plan and organize age and stage appropriate tennis activities for beginner to low intermediate players of all ages
  • Apply sound teaching/ coaching principles to deliver safe, enjoyable and effective learning opportunities in which each player achieves relative success
  • Use techniques to encourage player reflection and development and utilize self-reflection to explore the effectiveness of their own role

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Level 1 Workshop Schedule

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Atlanta, GA

Fremont, CA

Boston, MA



Reston, VA




Day 1

September 22 | 10am-2pm EST

 October 7 | 11am-3pm EST

October 13 | 10am-2pm EST

October 16 | 9am-5pm EST

October 15 | 9am-5pm EST

October 23 | 9am-5pm EST

October 23 | 9am-5pm EST

November 5 | 10am-2pm EST

November 10 | 11am-3pm EST

November 13 | 9am-5pm EST

December 3 | 10am-2pm EST

December 4 | 9am-5pm EST

December 7 | 11am-3pm EST

Day 2

September 29 | 10am-2pm EST

October 14 | 11am-3pm

October 20 | 10am-2pm EST

October 17 | 9am-5pm EST

October 16 | 9am-5pm EST

October 24 | 9am-5pm EST

October 24 | 9am-5pm EST

November 12 | 10am-2pm EST

November 17 | 11am-3pm EST

November 14 | 9am-5pm EST

December 10 | 10am-2pm EST

December 5 | 9-5pm EST

December 14 | 11am-3pm EST

We're committed to asking the questions, developing the answers, and providing the resources,

so that female coaches are comfortable and confident while teaching the sport we all love!


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Specialty Workshops

Instructing Wheelchair Tennis

This course is primarily for tennis teachers and coaches to augment their existing PTR certification with the knowledge to teach wheelchair tennis. It provides pros with skills to teach wheelchair players with various physical limitations. The course is also helpful for Physical Therapists and wheelchair players who want to introduce tennis to others for its enjoyment and exercise.

This course is conducted on court and during the PTR Wheelchair Championships so you get “hands-on” training. You have the opportunity to observe and analyze play, specialized equipment, and more.

Upcoming Workshops

Sunday, Sept. 26th    10:00am-2:00pm  |  Hilton Head Island, SC

Workshop Wait List

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