Popular Questions

What are the steps to certification?

  1. Become a PTR member
  2. Sign up for certification workshop
  3. Complete the following items:
    1. Safe Play (background check and safe sport)
    2. Coach Youth Tennis
    3. First Aid / CPR
    4. Online pre-course
    5. Video recording 
  4. Attend two 4-hour Zoom sessions
  5. Complete online assessment

How do I print my Membership Card and/or Certificate?

  1. Go to and click on LOGIN at the top right.
  2. Enter your email address in the left box and your password in the right box.

    If you have forgotten your password, or don’t have one, click “Forgot Password” and you will receive a link. If you are retrieving your password, be sure to look in the JUNK folder for our email.

  3. Once in the portal, you’ll see 4 blue navigation buttons at the top right.
  4. Click on My Account.
  5. On the left navigation, click on Memberships.
  6. You’ll see the tabs to View Card, View Certificate and View Policy. Click those to download.
  7. Use the download arrow in the top right to download them to a file which you can then print and even copy to your phone.

Do you offer liability insurance and what does it cover?

One of PTR’s member benefits is access to our group rate liability insurance. It has a $0 deductible, and is a broad Personal Liability Coverage for tennis activities which includes and applies to teaching, instructing, conditioning, playing, supervising, ball machine exercises, and other similar duties involving the game of tennis. 

When does my insurance go into effect?

Insurance coverage for a certified member goes into effect upon completion of the certification.

Does PTR offer additional insurance?

Yes, to our certified members we offer an additional insurance policy on top of what is already offered in the membership.

What benefits do I get access to as a certified member of PTR?

There are many benefits to being a PTR member! Some of them include:
1. An extensive resource library
2. Continued coaching education
3. Access to affordable liability insurance
4. In-person and online workshops
5. Internationally recognized certifications
6. Equipment discounts
7. Access to our member support team
8. And more!

How does PTR Certification help my career?

PTR certifications are globally recognized and can create endless opportunities for you as a tennis instructor. PTR certifications get you taken seriously by clubs, academies, schools, players, and parents worldwide. With certifications for all coaching levels, you are in control of just how far your coaching career can take you!

When does my insurance go into effect?

Insurance coverage for a certified member goes into effect upon completion of the certification.

How do I access the education dashboard?

You can find the education resources on

If I am having trouble with my Safe Play how do I contact the USTA?

The best number to call is 1-800-990-8782 or you can email them at for more information.

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