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The program was built around giving female coaches opportunity, the tools for them to believe they can, the workshops to build their skills, and the networking for them to connect and be a part of something bigger.

PTRW Pathway

Session 1

This session covers the importance of having more women coaches and identifying what is required to create an environment where women can learn and develop. You will begin to create a network of awesome female coaches, improve your ability to provide feedback, and we will plan for what would help you as a coach.

Session 2

This session is about developing skills and beliefs. The content is shaped from the discussions in session 1. Current topics of interest are better communication, negotiation, having your voice heard, selling yourself and your vision.

Session 3

This session will build on sessions 1 & 2. It will focus on further developing skills, beliefs, and the network.


Atlanta, GA // September 18, 2021

Chicago, IL // October 17, 2021

Northern California // TBD

Atlanta, GA | September 18

Chicago, IL | October 17 | 2-5pm EST

Northern California | TBD

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