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Includes Liability Insurance Upon Certification

Member Add-ons



Additional Insurance Policy $90

Level 1 Workshop $100

Level 2 Workshop $597

Level 1 Workshop $100

Level 2 Workshop $597

Education & Certification

Your membership gives you instant access to our education dashboard and online courses, international and regional workshops and symposiums and so much more.


Our members enjoy exclusive discounts on products and services from our partners including Adidas, Head, Penn & more.

The PTR Family

Now connect with other coaches around the world with our Professional Tennis Registry family.



What do I have to complete to get certified?

Steps to Certification

  1. Join PTR When you become a member of PTR you get instant access to our resource library, support team, and more! You will have the opportunity to get a head start on studying course material as well as enjoy your exclusive member benefit.
  2. Select Courses & Workshops With our varying levels of certification, add-ons, and live workshops, you will have the opportunity to create the path that works best for you, and takes your coaching career exactly where you want it to go!
  3. Take the Test Once you have taken your courses, attended the workshops, and studied using our extensive resource library, it will be time to show what you know! You’ll take the test, get certified, and unlock all the opportunities that come with being a PTR certified coach!

What are my benefits?

There are many benefits to being a PTR member! Some of them include:

  1. An extensive resource library
  2. Continued coaching education
  3. Access to affordable liability insurance
  4. In-person and online workshops
  5. Internationally recognized certifications
  6. Equipment discounts
  7. Access to our member support team
  8. And more!

Do you offer liability insurance and what does it cover?

One of PTR’s member benefits is access to our group rate liability insurance. It has a $0 deductible, and is a broad Personal Liability Coverage for tennis activities which includes and applies to teaching, instructing, conditioning, playing, supervising, ball machine exercises, and other similar duties involving the game of tennis. Pricing and additional coverage options can be found upon checkout.

How does PTR Certification help my career?

PTR certifications are globally recognized and can create endless opportunities for you as a tennis instructor. PTR certifications get you taken seriously by clubs, academies, schools, players, and parents worldwide. With certifications for all coaching levels, you are in control of just how far your coaching career can take you!

Understanding Pricing


As a courtesy to our members, your first payment will be prorated from today’s date to August 31. Due to insurance requirements, our membership year ends on August 31 and will be renewed each year on August 31 for the full amount.

To make sure you are paying the correct amount, we prorate the membership costs automatically.

Your membership will last until August 2023.

Additional Insurance

An Additional Insured Endorsement is used to extend your General Liability policy to include coverage for those additional insureds named in the form. This is only provided for liability arising out of your ongoing operations performed for the additional insured(s) at designated locations, or out of your acts or omissions while working as a subcontractor. This coverage is not automatically included.

The additional Insured Endorsement will provide the Club, etc. coverage only for negligence on the PTR member’s part as it regards to his or her Tennis Instruction. The club still needs to obtain and provide its own Comprehensive General Liability Coverage for court ownership, maintenance and public liability.

The charge for the initial Additional Insured Endorsement is $90, and $55 for each additional endorsement.

If you have any questions, please contact Paige Payne at 843-842-9777 or Please note: The Additional Insured Endorsement may take up to 3 business days to process.

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