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July 10 Newsletter

PTR's Exciting Lineup of Events in New York City During the US Open


PTR is set to host a series of dynamic and educational events in New York City during the US Open. These events promise not only to provide insights into coaching but also to create a vibrant community of professionals dedicated to fostering excellence and inclusivity in the sport.

PTRW Coaching Summit: Empowering Women in Sports

Kicking off the PTR events is the 2-day PTRW Coaching Summit on August 26 & 27. This summit, held at the Intercontinental in New York City, is tailored for coaches committed to advancing women in sports. With a strong focus on three pivotal themes—empowering women, allyship and gender bias, and female coaching—the summit aims to address and dismantle the barriers faced by women in sports coaching.

Attendees will have the unique opportunity to gain insights from industry leaders such as Laura Bowen, Simon Gale, Marley Woods, Linda Low, Nancy Abrams, Laura Puryear, and Bailey Robinson. These speakers will guide participants through a series of skill-building workshops and engaging discussions, equipping them with the tools to combat gender bias and promote a culture of inclusivity and equality in coaching.

Moreover, the summit offers ample opportunities for professional development and networking, ensuring that coaches leave inspired and better prepared to support and elevate women in the sports industry. An added bonus for early registrants: the first 60 participants to register will receive grounds passes to the US Open, allowing them to soak in the excitement of one of tennis’s premier events.

Future of Racquet Sports Leadership Session

Continuing the momentum, PTR will host an insightful session on the “Future of Racquet Sports Leadership” with Chris and Simon Gale on August 28 from 9 am to 12 pm. This session is designed to delve into the evolving landscape of racquet sports and the leadership required to navigate its future. As with the summit, the first 60 registrants will receive grounds passes to the US Open. The registration cost for this session is $97.

Adult Programming Sessions

On August 29, PTR will offer two focused sessions on Adult Programming. Tom and Katie Ruth will lead the first session from 9 am to 10:30 am, followed by Oivind Sorvald from 10:30 am to 12 pm. These sessions are crafted to provide coaches with innovative strategies and techniques to enhance their adult programming offerings. Once again, the first 60 registrants will benefit from receiving grounds passes to the US Open. The cost for this combined session is $97.

A Commitment to Continuing Education

PTR Director of Education Milena Vidos emphasizes the significance of these events, stating, “Continuing coach education is crucial for the development of our sport, and we are excited to offer these opportunities to our members amidst the thrilling atmosphere of the US Open. Our goal is to inspire and equip coaches with the knowledge and support they need to drive positive change and excellence in tennis.”

These events reflect PTR’s commitment to advancing coaching through education, innovation, and inclusivity. By participating in these sessions, coaches will not only enhance their skills but also contribute to a broader movement towards equality and excellence in sports.

For more information and to register for these events, visit the PTR website. Join us in New York City for an unforgettable experience of learning, networking, and inspiration during the US Open.

MEMBER SPOTLIGHT Khayot Narzikulov


“Tennis has significantly contributed to building who I am today. Whether I’m watching, playing, or teaching, I enjoy every second I spend on the court,” says Khayot Narzikulov, the Director of Tennis at Sportime Harbor Island in New York. For Khayot, tennis has shaped his identity and aspirations from a very young age.

His first introduction to tennis was when he was just seven years old. Over the years he learned to not just play the game but to love it as well, eventually turning it into his career and, he says, to contributing to the person he is today. 

His commitment to excellence is driven by both internal motivation and external influences. Khayot credits a combination of inspiring figures in the tennis world and his own innate drive for pushing him to continually strive for greater achievements. This dual source of motivation ensures that he is always moving forward, setting new goals and finding fresh challenges.

Despite the pressures and demands a career in tennis presents, Khayot remains incredibly thankful and optimistic. “Every moment in my life has been a blessing. Even with the ups and downs, I appreciate what I have,” he reflects. This gratitude extends deeply to his family, whom he credits as his greatest pride and joy. Their support and presence provide him with strength and encouragement.

When not on the court, you can find Khayot studying as he is pursuing an MBA at the University of Massachusetts. If he’s not doing that, he enjoys traveling around the world with his family.


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