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May 29 2024 Newsletter

Celebrating Member Appreciation Month: PTR ... We Care


Honoring Our Dedicated Members and Partners
As June arrives, we are thrilled to announce our Member Appreciation Month, a key part of our “PTR … We Care” campaign. This month, we dedicate our efforts to celebrating and recognizing the remarkable contributions of our members who continuously make a world of difference in the racquet sports community.

Spotlight on Our Members
Throughout June, we will feature members who have demonstrated exceptional dedication and passion. These stories highlight the diverse backgrounds, unique journeys, and significant impacts our members have had within PTR and beyond. Each week, we will share inspiring narratives on our social media platforms and newsletters, offering a glimpse into the lives of these extraordinary individuals.

Exciting Giveaways and Partnership Discounts
To express our gratitude, we have lined up a series of exciting giveaways. Members will have the opportunity to win US Open tickets, National Bank Open tickets, and a PTR Conference package. Keep an eye on our social media channels and newsletters for details on how to participate and win.

Maximizing Your PTR Membership
Member Appreciation Month is also an excellent time to revisit and maximize the benefits of your PTR membership. We will feature detailed guides on how to take full advantage of the resources and opportunities available to you. Whether it’s accessing exclusive education materials, participating in members-only events, or utilizing career development tools, we want you to make the most out of your membership.

Celebrating Our Partnerships
Our partnerships play a vital role in our mission, and this month we are excited to highlight some of our top partners. Through their support and collaboration, we can provide enhanced benefits and opportunities to our members. We will feature stories that showcase the achievements and contributions of these partnerships, demonstrating how we work together to advance the world of racquet sports.

Join the Celebration
We invite all PTR members to join us in celebrating Member Appreciation Month. Share your own stories, participate in our giveaways, and take advantage of the special offers available. This month is all about you – our valued members – and our collective passion for the game.

Thank you for being a part of the PTR community.

For more details and to stay updated on all Member Appreciation Month activities, be sure to follow us on our social media channels and visit our website. Let’s make June a month to remember!

Member Spotlight: Bunnie Jackson

“Success can be accomplished through perseverance, determination and hard work,” are the words Bunnie Jackson’s grandfather used to pave the way for her success. Her grandfather was Bill Terry, a Hall of Fame baseball player and later player-manager, who played for the New York Giants back in the ‘30’s. His example set Bunnie up for an incredible life. 

Raised in the heyday of Chris Evert, Bunnie Jackson, like many other young girls from Florida, was bitten by the tennis bug early. At a young age she had developed an extreme passion for the sport. She would daydream of playing on center court at Wimbledon, beating up the backboard every day, and hearing the cheers. The daydreaming worked and she was fortunate enough to pursue her goals – which took her all over the world.

As time passed and the younger generation began outpacing her on the court, Bunnie transitioned from competing to coaching, sharing her knowledge, experience and enthusiasm of the sport with others. Her teaching career spanned several prestigious clubs and resorts, where she not only shared her skills but also grew many of her closest relationships… including her first and second husband.

Her first marriage was to a tennis player, whom she had two sons with who inherited their parents’ love for the game. The sport opened numerous doors for her boys, from scholarships to job opportunities, thanks to the skills and discipline they acquired on the court.

As marriages sometimes do, this one came to an end. So, in her 60’s, Bunnie moved to Asheville, North Carolina. It was in Asheville where she met her second husband, Stewart, on… you guessed it… the courts. Together, they became a formidable team, winning mixed doubles and husband-wife tournaments worldwide. As good partners do, Stewart saw an opportunity for her that she was missing. He encouraged her to rekindle her competitive spirit and try singles again – which brought back her “competitive juices,” enhancing both her game and her coaching.

Among her proudest moments, winning four Mother-Son Gold Balls and numerous National Championships stands out. However, winning the World Championship in Majorca with her 65 USA Team holds a special place in her heart. She is proud of the opportunity she had to represent her country. But this special moment wasn’t just about her. “Seeing those men and women receive their medals in the 85’s brought tears to my eyes. Tennis is such an amazing sport!” she shared.

On the rare times Bunnie is not on the court, her hidden passion is writing. So far she has published one book and is slowly working on another one. She dreams of dedicating more time to her writing, hoping it will provide support for causes dear to her heart. Rainy days see her cross-training with swimming and biking, maintaining her fitness, and staying active in every season of life.

“Every day when I look into my closet to prepare for the day, all I see are gifts from my students or from racquet companies who sponsored me. Everywhere around me screams tennis, great memories, and big smiles,” she said. Through perseverance, determination, and hard work Bunnie Jackson is living the dream. Her grandfather would be proud!


PTR certified pros Bob Bryan and Kathy Rinaldi named the coaches for the US Olympic men’s and women’s tennis teams

PTR certified pros Bob Bryan and Kathy Rinaldi were named the coaches for the U.S. Olympic men’s and women’s tennis teams, respectively, by the U.S. Tennis Association. Bryan, in his second year also as the U.S. Davis Cup captain, is a veteran of three Olympic Games (Athens in 2004, Beijing in 2008 and London in 2012), earning, with twin brother Mike, a bronze medal in men’s doubles in 2008 and a gold medal in 2012.

Rinaldi was also the U.S. Olympic women’s team coach in Tokyo in 2021. She was a captain of the U.S. Billie Jean King Cup team for seven years, leading the U.S. to its most recent title in 2017.

June is Member Appreciation Month

Throughout June, we will feature members and partners who have demonstrated exceptional dedication and passion, share exciting giveaways and partnership discounts, highlight member benefits, and more!

Keep an eye on our social media platforms and newsletters each week throughout the month of June!

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